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Important Information on the Correction of Dental Abnormalities in Children

Children’s dentition often forms abnormally as a consequence of mouth breathing and the subsequent development of an improper swallowing reflex. The latter places tremendous back pressure against the teeth. The combination of the two produces the poor formation of the teeth and foreshortening of the jaw, with subsequent poor facial feature development. Dr. John Flutter… (read more)

The Etiology of Rheumatoid Arthritis

by William McKendree Jefferies MD Author of: THE SAFE USES OF CORTISOL. (1996). Originally published as SAFE USES OF CORTISONE. (1981). Medical Hypotheses Volume 51, Issue 2. Pages 111-114. (August 1998) Received: April 7, 1997 Accepted: May 13,1997 – – Abstract – – The etiology of rheumatoid arthritis has been elusive, but it finally… (read more)

Sodium Bicarbonate and Carbon Dioxide

Health Information from Natural Solutions Radio APRIL 08, 2008 Just recently I was confronted for my bicarbonate and maple syrup essay with the following information: Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) immediately reacts when it mixes with stomach acid. NaHCO(3) + HCl —> NaCl + H(2)0 + CO(2). That is: Sodium bicarbonate + stomach acid yields salt… (read more)

The Benefits of Nose Breathing

by Peter Kolb, Biomedical Engineer Why is it important that the air be humidified? You know, the nose is not just a decoration, although western medicine consistently treats it as an optional accessory.  It is, in fact, a complex organ with a very important function.  Even respiratory specialists don’t seem to understand this.  I saw… (read more)

Carbon Dioxide

by Yandell Henderson, Ph.D from the : Cyclopedia of Medicine ( 1940 ) —HISTORY— On May 9, 1794, during the Reign of Terror, Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier died by the guillotine. This event closed the first and greatest chapter in the physiology of carbon dioxide: for the principle of the production of carbon dioxide and its relation… (read more)

Summary of Buteyko’s Theory on Asthma

Note to medical doctors. Compliments of Peter Kolb BSc(Eng),MSc(Med),CPEng(Biomed) BIOMEDICAL ENGINEER Updated 16 September 2001; pages further updated by 6/30/08 Important note on medication: Buteyko therapy is a simple education program which does not affect conventional asthma management. Patients are actively encouraged to take medication in accordance with current asthma management practices as… (read more)

Asthma: Ignorance or Design?

Introduction The burden of asthma rests heavily on children and their parents, with an estimated 25 per cent of children and 10 per cent of adults being afflicted in most Western countries.1 It is frightening for any parent to watch the hollow of the throat being sucked inwards with every breath their child takes and listen… (read more)