Important Information on the Correction of Dental Abnormalities in Children

Children’s dentition often forms abnormally as a consequence of mouth breathing and the subsequent development of an improper swallowing reflex. The latter places tremendous back pressure against the teeth. The combination of the two produces the poor formation of the teeth and foreshortening of the jaw, with subsequent poor facial feature development.

Dr. John Flutter has pioneered the use of some aspects of the Buteyko method to teach nose breathing to children prior to age 8, to assist them in correcting their dental abnormalities. He also teaches it after orthodontic treatment to prevent the reversal of the correction of braces.

Reversals take place in nearly 75% of all orthodontic treatment due largely to patients discontinuing the use of their retainers. A program taught by Buteyko NYC and other qualified Buteyko Educators/practitioners can prevent the progression to problems or even correct them without the need for braces. It is important to become involved in a program well before the children turn 8 when the greater changes are becoming more permanent. Even then, a good deal of correction can be achieved and if braces are needed, correction can be far less traumatic.

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